Monday, August 23, 2010

Candace Newlove

The morning after the Red Rocks concert, I drug Conner out of bed and hung-over, to see our friend Candace Newlove in Nederland. It’s a rare occasion to meet someone that’s so luminous, wonderful, kind, and funny like Candace. We actually met her when we went up to Carbondale to play with Tyller Gummersall; her daughter Ally was playing with Tyller and Conner. When we drove the hour and a half up to Nederland, that was only the second time we’ve seen her…but of course, I hope to count her and her family among our good friends for years to come.

And Nederland--Beautiful!
I’ve decided that northeastern Colorado has to be my favorite; it’s the area I picture when I think of the state…tall green pines, Rocky Mountains in the distance, and big ranches tucked away from the road.

I always love stories of how people got to be where they are today, specifically in terms of occupation.  I always ask in hopes that their story will help me figure out what I’m ultimately doing with my life.  Candace’s story in a nutshell: had two daughters and felt she needed to provide, worked unfulfilled in banking for years, invested and then lost it all, and 6 years ago she jumped the banking ship and started learning pottery.  Now she totally ceramics and has the sweetest set-up at her house…studio, two kilns, a barn that also acts as her showroom.  It was awesome.

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